Call for Papers: extended Deadline 28 July 2024

The 14th International Conference on Hot Isostatic Pressing will take place from 6 - 10 April 2025 in Aachen, Germany

Hot isostatic pressing, well known as HIP, plays a decisive role in the manufacturing chain of many highly loaded materials, metallic alloys as well as ceramics, and components. In a lot of applications HIP substantially influences key factors such as product design, leadtime, quality and performance. HIP is currently used in a number of industry sectors that have highly demanding environments, for example: aerospace, energy, offshore, medical and tooling.

Due to the facility to realize integrated near-net-shape components, the potential to use bimetal construction or composite materials and its freedom of part sizes and alloys, HIP allows for high flexibility in component design. HIP contributes to quality and performance by realizing homogeneous materials, free of segregation, showing fine anisotropic microstructures with superior properties compared to competing technologies. Using HIP as post processing, voids and pores will be closed, improving significantly properties like toughness and fatigue strength. HIP participates to cost reduction by reducing machining and nondestructive testing as well as shorten production lead times. Improvements in HIP technology, therefore, have the potential to strengthen the competitiveness of many companies which are active in emerging industrial areas.

Conference Scope

This conference covers research and development within the complete scope of HIP technology, from fundamental process development and materials technology over application related improvements and new developments in HIP equipment up to current market trends from all parts of the world.

The conference will feature a world class technical program of plenary, keynote and oral presentations as well as a poster show. Besides the technical conference, an exhibition flour will be offered to showcase latest trends and developments.

Main topics

  • Materials and materials engineering for HIP
  • Advances in HIP equipment
  • Power generation applications
  • Aerospace applications
  • Oil, gas and naval applications
  • Medical applications
  • Tooling applications
  • Additive manufacturing coupled with HIP
  • Modeling for HIP applications
  • Sustainability and HIP
  • Advanced ceramics
  • Automotive applications
  • Certification and standards in HIP
  • Heat Treatment using HIP
  • Advances in Powder Manufacturing